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The Pastor Search Committee training consists of an orientation for members
of the Pastor Search Committee (preferably, prior to beginning their work).
Several questions are answered in this training event, such as:

• What are the first steps in the pastor calling process?
• What are the remaining steps?
• What are some pitfalls to avoid?
• How does the committee organize to be more effective?
• What should the agenda of the meetings include?
• How do we as a committee become a single working unit?
• How do we get input from the congregation?
• What and how often should we report to the church?
• What are the best ways to get names of prospective pastors?
• How do we develop the pastoral profile of a right match for our church?
• How do we handle resumes?
• What are the "must" questions to ask a prospective pastor?
• How do we do background checks?
• How do we present the prospective pastor to the church?
• What steps ensure a more orderly and productive search process?