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Pastor's Role

The pastor is a servant to servants of the Servant.
That is the role of the pastor.
The ministry belongs to the people.
The pastor is the servant of Christ to the people, so that they may be equipped for their ministry.

The Bible teaches us that Christ's strategy is to scatter
His people like “salt” and “good seed” throughout the world between Sundays.
Christians are to penetrate society and influence the world in which we live.
On Sunday and at other times the body of Christ gathers for instruction and training – to be equipped
by those whom God has given to the church for that purpose.

The ministry belongs to the laity!
Every Christian is a minister.
Every Christian is a servant of Christ in the world.
Every believer is in full time Christian service for Jesus Christ!

The maximum impact of the church on the world is the aggregate of all the laity where they are at
their common tasks between Sundays.

“When He ascended on high... He gave gifts to men... It was He who gave some to be apostles,
some to be prophets, some to be evangelists, and some to be pastors and teachers,
to prepare God's people for works of service so that the body of Christ may be built up
(Ephesians 4:8,11-12)

Pastor, how do you lead?

Some have suggested three types of leadership in the church.

In front

This is the leader who is usually ahead of his followers.
He uses whatever means he can to motivate them – challenge them – command them.
There is no question who is the leader in this type of leadership.
He is what some call the “charismatic” type.
He inspires an infuses his followers with enthusiasm.

Some lead from behind.

This type of the leader can be called the “king-maker.”
They are often conniving.
They sometimes coerce others to achieve their goals
They have a behind-the-scenes type of leadership that is not always apparent.
They are often subversive.

It is difficult to discover this kind of leader.
He is content to work in the shadows.
He wants to be the one who pulls the strings.
He is adept at manipulating followers.
He is a schemer.
He is a user of people.
He will also discard them when they are no longer needed to serve his purpose.
He is ruthless.
He is driving the organization from the rear.

Some lead from within.

This leader is like a manager or a playing coach.
He becomes part of the team.
He will require of himself what he requires us of others.
His strategy is relationship.
He strives for unity.
He elevates leadership to its highest level.
He leads by serving.
He defers responsibilities to his associates.

He understands the Biblical concept of leadership:
Let him who would be the greatest be the servant of all.”

That is the leadership style of Jesus Christ.

Jesus appointed twelve, designating them, apostles, that they might be with Him.
And that He might send them out
...” Mark 3: 14

Pastor, shouldn't we want to be like Jesus?

Prepared by Dr. Harold L. White