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The New Age Movement

Something is happening in our society -- something that is affecting the workplace, the school,
the home, and even the church.
It is what is called the "New Age Movement," and the people who are part of it are called, "New Agers."
It is not an organization with a headquarters.

The New Age Movement is above all else a way of thinking.
It has become very influential in every arena of activity: health care, education, business, politics,
economics, psychology, entertainment, and even the church.

But it is not just a way of thinking.
It is a damning, dangerous, and attractive way of thinking.
It subtly and gently entices people away from salvation in Jesus Christ.

So, as we approach the New Age Movement, we must react as Christians.
It will not be enough to say, "That's weird," or "That's superstitious."
As Christians, we must say "That's not Biblical!"

Human history has been an ongoing battle between God and Satan for the souls and destiny
of mankind.

The Bible warns, "Be sober, the watchful, your adversary the devil prowls around
like a roaring lion seeking someone to devour
." (1 Peter 5:8)

New Agers have embraced a mixture of Eastern religious beliefs along with many forms of the occult.
These many forms include: the dramatic out of the body experiences, extrasensory knowledge,
and the mind trips New Agers claim to have during their altered states of consciousness.
These are typical experiences given by demons to fool people into believing New Age philosophy.

Demons can give wonderful visions and experiences in order to fool people into believing
a false religious view of the world.
That these beings are evil spirits can be documented from psychology, history, religion,
and the experience of many New Agers.

In 1 Timothy 4:1 we read, "The Spirit clearly says that in the later time some will abandon their faith
and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons

In John 8:44 Jesus stated, "The devil... is a liar and the father of lies."

2 Corinthians 11:14 says: "For Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light."

The New Age Movement is a false religion motivated and taught by Satan's demons
masquerading as benevolent spirit guides concerned with the welfare of humanity.

Famous entertainers are being influenced by the New Age, and they in turn have influenced
many people in America.
Shirley McLaine, Helen Reddy, Marsha Mason, Lisa Bonet, Tina Turner, John Denver,
Michael York, Linda Evans are some of the New Agers.

On July 25, 1986, actor and New Age convert, Michael York, appeared on a talkshow
with Zack Pursel who channeled "Lazarus," (a spirit-being) before an audience of millions.

Actress Sharon Gless who played "Cagney" on the hit TV series, won a 1987 "Emmy"
for her role on the series.In her acceptance speech, she told tens of millions
that her success was due to "Lazarus."

Linda Evans of "Dynasty" fame and Joyce DeWitt, formerly of "Three's Company,
followed the guidance of another spirit being, "Mafiv," channeled by housewife, Penny Torres.

Some years ago in some elementary schools in Los Angeles, occult film strips promoted
seances and necromancy (contacting the dead).

Shirley McLaine is the most visible of the New Age promoters.
Her televised miniseries reached millions and apparently inspired thousands to take up channeling.
Her nationwide seminars were attended by some 14,000 people.
She has begun a 300 acre spiritualistic retreat center in Crestone, Colorado that will make
Channelers (those whom evil spirits speak through) available for any and all visitors.

The basic New Age worldview that "all is God" is why actress Shirley McLaine could stand
before the Pacific Ocean, arms outstretched and chant, "I am God, I am God, I am God."

This is why the Eastern gurus claim they are God -- and so is everyone else.

From a Biblical point of view, these experiences are dangerous and are to be avoided
because they lead people to contact the spirit world, to believe in occult philosophy,
and to develop psychic abilities.
The experiences cause people to wrongly believe they are inwardly God.
And as such, they prevent faith in Christ as Saviour.

To put it simply, the teachings and practices of the New Age are the teachings
of the spirits of demons.
What the New Age teaches and believes is what the evil spirit world has revealed
and wishes men to believe.
These teachings are given to men by deceitful evil spirits and they are out to influence
both the church and society.

The reason that people cannot bring themselves to accept that the spirits are unclean spirits
or demons, as the Bible teaches is because the unclean evil spirits
disguise their motives and deceptively appear as good and friendly beings.

So, these people believe what the spirits claim about themselves.
In return they receive blessings from the demons in the form of exciting revelations,
blissful experiences, loving encounters, health and encouragement,
protection from dangers, and endless assurances of their own divinity.

I will conclude this by introducing you to a man named, Randall Baer.
Randall has written a book entitled, "Inside the New Age Nightmare."
Randall Baer was involved in the New Age Movement for 15 years.
He was a professional New Age teacher, holistic health practitioner, and activist.
His story is a portrait of of satanic spiritual subduction.

Listen to his story:

"Like many New Agers, I was brought up in a middle-to-upper middle-class home.
Both parents were trained professionals.

Family life was based on Christian morals, the Protestant work ethic, and an emphasis on education.

In early teen years my inquisitive mind started doubting God and Christianity ... at home, we rarely
discussed religious issues, mostly leaving such topics to be covered at Sunday school and church.

I no longer wanted to attend what I perceived as sterile and lifeless church services and study groups.

While I was searching for meaning in life, the TV show, "Kung Fu," caught my attention...
the hero image of Caine vividly demonstrated how to attain inner peace, oneness with the universe,
and supernatural control over oneself and life's circumstances.

So, I began devouring books on Eastern religious philosophy and "How To" books on Hatha yoga
and meditation.
This was the beginning of my New Age walk, and I had just turned 15.

During this time, I found another powerful ally -- marijuana.
I used it thinking it would help "expand" my mind into many mystical types of higher consciousness.

When I smoked, I floated and even thought I met God, but I dreaded it when the marijuana
started to wear off, and the inner anguish and pain would return.

Smoking a joint then was a feeling that it would propel my awareness into "higher states
of consciousness
" where I would receive cosmic insights that reinforced my developing
New Age philosophy.
Little did I know that the seducers of Satan were laying out a red carpet of progressive entrapment.

The next major step was heavier drugs.
What I didn't realize then was that these drugs were blowing open "holes" in my mind
that allowed demonic enchanters to further ensnare and brainwash my mind
with glamorous psychedelic frauds.

On one LSD "high" an overwhelmingly powerful demon-spirit took possession of me.
I was no longer in control of myself.
The demon "blew my circuits" and left me lying like a rag doll.
I could not speak for two entire days.
The psychological damage took six months to heal.

That gruesome experience should have been a sign to go no further on the New Age path,
but I only decided no more drugs."

Randall goes on to say: "From this I got into Buddhism and into "Silva Mind Control."
Millions of people have taken the Silva Mind Control course.
This course teaches people how to have "spirit guides."
What I didn't realize at the time was that everything in Silva Mind Control was based on
occult philosophy.

The spirits are called "inner counselors."
And they are what is Biblically forbidden to practice: "acquiring familiar spirits."
This is to invite demons disguised as spirit-friends into one's life.

Little did I realize that I had fallen for one of Satan's oldest tricks -- the use of guru-figures
as demonic puppets through which to transmit blissful forces that seduce, even as they veil,
the consuming face of darkness behind it all.

I now see how Satan provided certain "signs" that I would respond to in pointing me further
down the road of delusion.
I look back and see how the adversary plots to lead people more and more deeply into the New Age
by providing "signs" and "coincidences," like laying a trail of cheese in front of lab mice running a maze.

I ventured onto Satan's turf by asking for "visions" and "powers" and got both,
but I crossed into Biblically forbidden territory of occult practices.

In my new age experience I went through a mystical doorway into the further reaches
of Satan's New Age landscapes.
I also acquired a "familiar spirit" -- a demon masquerading as the spirit-hawk.

By now, with all the yoga initiations, garu-connections, "inner counselors,"
and a "power animal," I was firmly enmeshed in Satan's web of darkness and destruction.

This demon parasite attached itself to me.
It never occurred to me that Satan could be in back of all of this.
But the ultimate had overtaken me.
What I thought was "up" was actually "down."
What I thought was "Heaven" was actually "hell" wrapped in Satan's finest counterfeit garments.

What I thought was Ascended Masters, extraterrestrials and angels were actually demons
in cunning, glowing disguises.

Though some of my experiences may have been just imaginary fantasy,
I am fully convinced that most of them were ventures into some of Satan's most deceiving
demonic deceptions."

Christ intervened in Randall's life and he said: "Had Jesus not delivered me from the
powerful delusion of the New Age, I certainly would have been shocked to the core
at the time of judgment.
For without salvation through Jesus, I surely would have been cast into the lake of fire
and would have experienced the "weeping and gnashing of teeth
." (Matt. 13:42)

The battle for the souls of men still rage!

As delivered by Dr. Harold L. White
to the First Baptist Church of McMinnville, Tennessee.