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Church Development

Lesson V - Action Plans for Vision Casting

I will refer to the need for priority concerns, goals and action plans through out this presentation. I want to give you a quick action plan for vision casting.

Step One: Spend time in personal prayer. Prayer and worship precede and produce results. To have effective, consistent times of prayer, you will need to do several things:

Choose a place that will allow you to give your total attention to God. I benefit from being in a place where I can talk out loud to God.

Plan how you will use your time. Have a prayer list. Keep a journal. Record petitions and answered prayer. Sometime, you may just want to sit and listen. Read prayers by others. Read
    the Scripture. Seek God.

Chose a specific regular time to prayer. Theologian John Calvin once said, "I am so busy today that I must take the morning to pray."

God expects us to labor for the kingdom. He also realizes that there are parts of our labor that will succeed only with the help of the         Holy Spirit. Prayer is essential to success in church growth.
Step Two: Recruit an intercessory prayer team.
Enlist at least three people who will pray for the growth of the church on a daily basis. Communicate with them on a monthly basis. Use a prayer bulletin, e-mail or webpage for a wider range of prayer support.

Step Three: Dream with others who share your vision.
Identify those who will support your understanding of God's call. Meet with them on a regular basis. Proverbs 15:22 warns us: "Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed."

Step Four: Formulate your vision. Ask yourself the following questions:
        If I had unlimited resources, what would I expect God to do?
  What is God doing in this community? How can I join Him?

Step Five:
Trust God to increase ways for you to serve him through church growth.

Step Six: Set goals and establish a workable plan.        
        Ask God for a vision in each of the following areas:
    Effective Pastoral Leadership
Culturally Relevant Philosophy of Ministry
    Celebrative and Reflective worship
    Holistic Disciple Making
    Expanding Cell Groups
    Developing and Resourcing Leaders
Mobilizing Believers According to Spiritual Gifts
Appropriate & Productive Programs & Activities
    Starting Churches That Reproduce

Step Seven:
Decide what
God wants you to do and do it.

Step Eight:
Evaluate and make corrections as you go.

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