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Church Development

LessonXIII The Successful Church

The successful church of the twenty-first century and beyond will be one that learns to listen to people, establishes a culturally relevant philosophy of ministry and adapts its ministry strategies to their ever-changing needs.

To grow a church you need to:
Identify your target group
Cultivate your ability to listen
Take a walking survey of your community
Write your philosophy of ministry
Clarify your style of worship based on the identification of your target group.
Involve and train others according to their spiritual giftedness
Keep the vision before the congregation
Form and expand cell groups
Reevaluate and plan

Questions for the Church Growth Survey

What is the total membership of the church?
What was the total membership one year ago?
What is the resident membership of the church?
What was the resident membership one year ago?
How many present Bible study groups (cell groups)?
How many Bible study groups did you have one year ago?
How many baptisms during the last 12 months?
How many baptisms during the preceding 12 months?
How many people moved their membership during the last 12 months?
How many joined your church?
How often does the church gather for meals?
What types of social activities does the church provide?
What are the age group breakdowns?
How many full-time staff does the church have?
How many acres of property?
How many people will the worship area seat?
How many worship services do you hold? What style?
How many attend worship?
How many attended one year ago?
Who is involved in the presentation part of the worship service?
Does the church have a written strategic plan? Include in your report.
What is the church's mission statement?
Does the church have deacons/elders? How many? What are their functions?
Does the church have a written operations manual? Is it available to church members?
What is the pastor's leadership style?
Describe the church's evangelistic outreach system.
What is the total church budget? What is the actual income? What are actual expenses?
What percentage of the total income is staff salary?
How are volunteer positions filled in your church?
When was your church started?
How old are the buildings?
How many parking places does your church have?
What is the socio-economic makeup of your church?
In what language do you worship?
What is the education level of pastor and staff?
What type of training do group leaders receive?
What is your church's worship style?
How old is your pastor?
How old is your average church member?
Who is your target group for church membership?
Describe the forms/institutions/regulations that hinder church growth in your situation.
What do you like about your church?
What would you like to change?
How long have you been at the church?
What is your role?
What is the organizational structure of the church?
How do you train leaders?
How would you classify your church's theological position?
Liberal, Moderate, Conservative, Fundamentalist
Are you affiliated with a denomination? If so which one?
How does your church meet community needs?
How does your church advertise?
How does your church do music? How many choirs, groups, ect?
Does the church have an annual calendar of events?
How do you promote missions?
What type of stewardship program do you have?
How often does the pastor visit in member's homes?
What is the place of prayer in your church?
Describe the buildings and location of the church?
How do you elect officers/committees ect?
How do you call a pastor?