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You Can Increase Your Attendance

There are those who believe that goals must be unattainable and unrealistic.
This can discourage those who believe that the goal is unreachable.
As you set your goal for your class, group and church, consider the following.
Assume that the average class has about ten people in attendance each Sunday.
Commit yourselves to add one person per quarter.
That is an attainable goal.

Add one person per quarter to every class would result in phenomenal growth.
We would be fulfilling the Great Commission.
This would please God.

At the end of the year, you will have 14 people attending class.
You have taught them, and you have been able to assimilate them in your fellowship.
This growth is gradual and healthy.
It is also more growth than most classes are experiencing.

The second year should show an even greater increase.
This is because you have a larger group.
A larger group means more workers and more contacts with outsiders.
Now growing by one every other month should be just as easy as increasing
by one per quarter the first year.

Surveys have shown that the average person in a Sunday school class has had
five quality contacts with those who are unchurched.
This means that when you grow from 10 to 14, you increase the number of contacts with outsiders by 20.

If you assimilate and disciple one new couple or two new people every quarter,
you will discover what a tremendous growth your class and your church will experience.

Someone has said that a practical definition of assimilation is when a person's name is scribbled
on the back of half a dozen phone books.
This means that person is included, involved and loved.
That person is well on his way to becoming a disciple.

Those who are not loved and not included will soon be on the inactive roll.
They will probably even drop out of church.
One survey stated that 75 percent of church dropouts said they left their churches
because they didn't feel anyone cared whether they were there or not.

We must involve new people in our friendships while serving in our churches.
We must realize our responsibility to see that every individual feels needed.
We must have, as our goal, to thoroughly assimilate one couple or two people every quarter
into our group, into our class.

Remember, we are talking about the average class of 10.
If you were already averaging 20 in your class, you would need to assimilate two couples per quarter.
(You really would need to start a new group.)

Remember, we're talking about actual attendance, not about enrollment.

We're must not be concerned with percentages.
We must be concerned with people.
Our goal must that of reaching people for Christ!

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