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Impossible People!

This is about coping with impossible people.
This is about how to identify, understand, and cope with those impossible people in your life.

Here are some of the types of impossible people:

These are people who try to bully and overwhelm others by cutting remarks and throwing tantrums
when things don't go the way they think they should.

Complainers are individuals who constantly gripe but who never try to do anything
about what they complain about.
Maybe they feel powerless to do so or because they refuse to bear any responsibility.

Silent and Unresponsives:
These are people who respond to every question you might have for every plea for help
you might make with a no, a yep, or a grunt.

These people are usually personable, funny, and outgoing.
They are always very reasonable, sincere, and supportive in your presence but don't produce
what they say they will, or act contrary to the way they have led you to expect.

When plans are proposed, this person is bound to object.
They will usually say, "It won't work" or "It's impossible."
They will effectively deflate your optimism.

Know-It-All Experts:
These are people who feel superior.
They want you to recognize that they know everything there is to know about anything.
They are condescending and imposing -- if they really do know what you're talking about.
They are also pompous -- if they don't know what you're talking about.
In that case they will likely make you feel like an idiot.

Those are people who stall major decisions until the decision is made for them.
They are people who can't let go of anything until it is perfect -- which means never.

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-- Adapted from several sources