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Is It Well With You?
Is There A Word From God?
Keep Fresh!
Pastor Should Be Something
Pastor, Do Something
Pastorís God-Called
Pastor & Church Leadership
Pastorís Role
Pastor, Stay Healthy!
Pastors as Leaders
Preacher and the Skunk
Pastor Search Committee


21 Skills of Great Preachers
Feedin Sheep or
   Amusing Sheep
Preaching, A Divine Activity
Preaching Without Results
Preach With Authority
Preach With Love And
Ready To Preach 


Creative Spiritual
Effective Christian
Dealing With Criticism
Hostile Aggressive Person
Coping With Bullies
Impossible People
Resolving Conflicts
Leadership Qualities

The Church

How To Help Your Church
Increase Your Attendance
Doomed Churches
Responsibility To Increase
Jesus Is Building His
Christian Maturity
Teachers, Be Bridge
Reaching Secular People
Life Cycle of A Church
Christian, You Are Gifted
Deacons -- Body or
Deacon Ministry of One
Biblical Church Growth
Distribution of Spiritual
Installation Service
  For Teachers

Other Beliefs:

Beliefs of Islam
Islam, Part Two
Islam, Part Two
Islam & Christianity
Jehovah Witness
Beliefs of Mormons
Book of Mormons
New Age Movement
New Age & The Bible 1
New Age & The Bible 2


What Is Evangelism?
Observation of an
Life-saving Station New

More to come!


Advice On Witnessing
Methods of Appeal
How To Become
   A Christian
Godís Answers
   To Satanís Lies

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 Pastorís Pipeline is Published by Dr. Harold L. White


Is It Well With You?

Is There a Word From the Lord?

When Itís Best to Leave

Keep Fresh!

The Pastor Should Be Something

Pastor, Do Something

Pastors - God Called

Pastors and Church Leadership

Pastorís Role

Pastor, Stay Healthy

Pastor as Leaders

Pastor Search Committee

Preacher and the Skunk

Is It Well With Thee - 2 Kings 4
Pastor, we should never forget that there is a battle in process right now
for the hearts and minds of every child on earth including our own children.
Satan would deceive and destroy them if given the remotest opportunity.
I am also convinced that Satan will send his most skillful representatives
to attack the pastor, his wife, and his children.
He knows that if he can bring down the Christian home that we proclaim,
that in the process he will damage and destroy the effectiveness of a ministry
and the church to which the pastor has been called to serve and live. ...More

Is there a word from the Lord today?
I believe there is a word from the Lord, but it is not a new word; neither is it a different word.
It is the final word spoken to us long ago and which has not been heeded in the day
in which we live.
The Epistle to the Hebrews begins by saying, "God, who at sundry times and in divers manners
spake in time past unto the fathers by the prophets, Hath in these last days spoken unto us
by His Son, whom He hath appointed heir of all things
God has spoken to us in these last days by His Son and His word to us in this hour is,
"Hear ye Him!" ...More

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When Itís Best to Leave
It is never easy to see someone we love depart, even when we know it's for the best.
Often, parents who pack up their child's belongings as the child heads off to college have to
fight back the tears, even though they are proud of their child and have hoped for a long time
to see this day.
Every bit of clothing, each record album, and every book that goes in the box has
a memory attached to it, and the eyes grow moist.
A beloved minister announces to the congregation that a new call has come,
a new congregation awaits, and a move must take place.
The congregation has known this time would come someday, and they also truly believe
and trust that this is the call of God and the right thing to do.
And yet, it is so hard to let their minister go.

Keep Fresh!
We must commit ourselves to a lifetime of learning.
Ralph Waldo Emerson said: "Unless you try to do something beyond what you have
already mastered, you will never grow
We will either shape our future or we will be shaped by it.
When we choose to be the best we can, that will make a profound difference in our life.
Those who continue to learn throughout their life generally experience much higher levels
of life and career fulfillment. ...More

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The Pastor Should be Something.
The idea of walking suggests that which people see in the life which you live.
Someone has said, "The world looks at the preacher out of the pulpit to know what he means
when in it
We must so live, that what we do, does not speak so loudly that people cannot hear what we say.
We know that when the pastor succumbs to the sins of the flesh; it becomes big news.
When that happens, he brings shame upon himself, the Christian cause, other pastors,
and most of all, upon the Lord Himself. ...More

Pastor, Do Something
I do believe that most preachers stay busy.
But busy at what?
Much of what we do may be good, but we must beware lest the good shall become the enemy of the best.
If we are not careful, we may find ourselves being the slave to a multitude of civic, social,
yes, even church causes, doing what others might do and perhaps do better than we can do them.
We would do well to learn from Nehemiah.
He was busy rebuilding the wall of Jerusalem.
Those who sought to defeat his purpose invited him to a conference.
He replied, "I am doing a great work, so that I cannot come down: why should the work cease,
whilst I leave it, and come down to you
." (Nehemiah 6: 3)

Obviously, there are extra-church duties which call for our participation.
But they should be scheduled and rationed so as not to detract from our primary duties. ...More

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Pastors, God Called
A vital question for one called to preach is: ďAre you walking with God?"
I truly believe that many have been mistaken concerning this crucial life-changing decision.
Their call has come from some source other than God.
God has not called them.

We know from their message that God has not called them because they are preaching a message
that is not from God.
They have never understood the gospel.

Preaching the Word is still the call of God.
God calls by planting and nurturing a longing for this work in a man's heart.
Then, that man must evaluate himself, as to what this work will involve.
This must come through a deepening relationship with God.
The call must come from God - not from our family, friends or school. ...More

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Pastors and Church Leadership
There are times when the pastor wants to lead the church in one direction,
and the leadership wants to move in another direction.
This can settle into a long power struggle.

Division can come over anything from the building program to the order
of the morning worship service.
It can also come over the color of the carpet.

Power is at stake and the issue is often irrelevant.
What counts in this situation is who wins.
The issue is often settled at the expense of a split.

Pastors sometimes bring division on themselves.
Some pastors see submitting to the leadership as a sign of weakness.
Some pastors believe that to be called of God is a guarantee that only they know God's will
for the congregation. ...More

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Pastorís Role
The pastor is a servant to servants of the Servant.
That is the role of the pastor.
The ministry belongs to the people.
The pastor is the servant of Christ to the people, so that they may be equipped
for their ministry. ...More

Pastor, Stay Healthy!
Healthy ministers respect authority. (Titus 3:1)
Healthy ministers are not afraid to counsel and to take advice of others in the church.
A healthy minister would never state: "No one is going to tell me what to do."
Nor, would he even feel that way.
Healthy ministers don't feel they have a corner on God's will.

Healthy ministers are ready to help. They are patient and caring.

Healthy ministers will never malign another person.
They will not insult or speak evil of others.
They will not use the pulpit to get back at others. ...More

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Pastors as Leaders
Many in pastoral leadership, however, continue to feel tension between the two
-- pastoring and leading.
With high profile CEOs and megachurch leaders as models, how do most pastors measure up?
How can they? ... More

Pastor Search Committee
The Pastor Search Committee training consists of an orientation for members
of the Pastor Search Committee (preferably, prior to beginning their work).
Several questions are answered in this training event... ...More

The Preacher and the Skunk
There is a tremendous lesson to be learned from this parable of the preacher and the skunk.
Oftentimes, our "space" is invaded by some foul creature of the night intent
upon rummaging through our lives, actions and motives.

Human nature says, "Clobber them!"
The wiser course, however, may often be to remain silent.
Clobbering a skunk may only leave you smelling bad!
When the critters of the night came rummaging through His space,

Jesus often remained calm and quiet before them.
When brought before the chief priest after His arrest, "Jesus kept silent" (Matt. 26:63 NKJV). ...More

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